Fall Priorities, Illuminated

I've been playing with sharpies (the more ad hoc the tools and material, the easier it is to get my creativity flowing sometimes) lately and this came out while I was thinking about what I wanted to get done in the upcoming season and what was most important for my health and happiness. All of this feel really right.

Also...one hundred posts! Here's to the next hundred.


Flying in majestic formation, the wily and elusive pegasnails hope to evade the cranky and voracious pegatortoise long enough to leave their trail across the sky.

Reclaiming Mermaids

 They're not just for corporate logos.

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

He's not thrilled. The wings were supposed to be just for show. But somehow, when you've got 'em, wings demand to be used. Maybe the change in perspective will change his mind.

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Plate

What we have here is a eating machine.