Busy, Busy

It's actually been a pretty busy month. I found out about this thing called Inktober over on Tumblr. 31 days of daily ink drawings. For me, it's been casual and fun. It's basically turned into 31 days of cat drawings. I let it.

I've found myself trying some new things, and finding some ideas to work up into more formal treatments. These are the casual drawings that have led (or will lead) to more finished pieces:

 Nyaang, the Last Catnipbender

Many-Armed Cat Goddess

Notre Dame des Petite Chats

 Sibyl Cat

I'll be posting the formal, finished pieces soon. Here's a peek of Notre Dame des Petite Chats in progress:

October Thunders In

Sketchbook Kitties
October came in like little cat feet. Not creeping in like fog, but thundering across the tundra like wild beasts, which is what our cats do most of the time. The only time they creep is when they're trying to sneak up on a plate of people food.

Fall, so far, has been as gray and green as these kitties.

In other news, my show at the Beanery is over and I just realized that I didn't take any pictures and neither did Bear. Oh well, one more thing to remember for next time. Learning is good, right?

Over the next few days, I'll be taking pictures of various pieces and getting them up on Etsy. A good handful of pieces sold, enough to make me feel like it was a success and something to do again soon.

Ooh, note to self, I must send Amy, the manager, a little thank you! Self, take note.