One of my Mantras

Just something I tell myself from time to time:

Good to breathe,
Good to give.
I get what I need to live. 

I just wish I could remember the source.

Dissolving Blocks

My creative block is beginning to dissolve. I'm in a new town to stay, my books are coming out of storage, and I find myself wanting to draw. And it feels good.

Monster Monster of the Month

I am pondering doing a "Monster of the Month" club thing. The first time I tried something similar, my follow through was less than optimal (I still owe a friend a big fat round of beads), but my life seems to be more stable now. I'm going to try a three month run as an experiment.

If you'd like a free three month membership to my Monster Monster of the Month Club, please comment here, and I'll select a few folks at random to receive monstery goodness. If selected, you'll need to PM me a mailing addy. All I ask in return is that if you like what you get, please publicize it.

If the experiment works out, I'll be offering paid memberships starting in late November.

Some examples of my monsters are here, and I'll be including at least one tiny felted monster in the mix.