Fuzzy Pye and Toby Fat Butt

These are my fiance's cats, who have, by some mysterious process of love and adoption, become my cats as well. The fuzzalorum calico is Pyewacket (her name comes from Bell, Book and Candle), aka Pye, Princess, and Butterfly Girl , and the marmalade boy is Toby, aka Tobycakes and Toby Fat Butt.

Don't let this image of domestic tranquility fool you. They don't actually get along. But I recently managed to catch them having a rare moment of co-relaxation, with Tobes in his usual jelly roll curl, and Pye sprawled out in a distinctly undignified manner, on the off chance that someone might come along and offer her belly skritches.

With my allergies, I never thought I'd be able to have cats, but here we are. Toby in particular has adopted me as his Preferred Person, and I love that maddening little orange furball more than I can say. I love both of them.

Blissful Scribbling: Scribbler Too

How About Orange posted a link to a wonderful online doodle toy, Scribbler Too. I am having far too much fun with it!