Blockity Block Block Block

I have been dealing with horrendous creative block for a few months, for almost everything except for everyday design work. Lately though, I've been feeling more of an urge to draw and create again. It's like an itch.

In order to get around the creative block, I kind of have to sneak up on the act of creation. The more casual, the better. "La la la, not really drawing anything, nothing serious; move along, creative block monster, move along."

A sharpie on the back of an envelope is an excellent way to sneak something past it.

Toby and Pye, Lino Block Edition

I've been playing with a new method of image-making (new to me, anyway): linoleum block printing. Collage offers classes on the subject every other month or so, and after taking one, I was addicted. There is something kind of magical in producing an image by hand that can then be hand-printed on a variety of surfaces. Also, the printing ink has a slightly different quality on the paper than anything I've ever used before.

This was the first lino block I carved: a portrait of our cats, Toby and Pye. Stripey Toby is chasing after Pye and probably going to stick his face right under her tail. I don't get the cats doing that; I thought that was more of a dog thing. She hates it, but then, they are not exactly friends.

The class itself was marvelously fun: good supplies, clear instruction, friendly encouragement. Collage's upcoming classes are here.