Collage Project, Twenty Days In

A selection of my digital collages

Ten days left in my collage a day project. I really hit my stride a few days in, and it's been all learning, fun, and experimentation ever since. I'll share my thoughts about the process and what I've learned from it at the end of the month.

See all the collages here.

Some are available as prints and other fun things in my Society6 shop.

Here Be Monsters

Monsters and the edge of the map
My August collage a day project is going really well. There's something about committing to daily creative output that not only just plain feels good, but I can see that I'm rapidly building a new body of work, and that is exciting.

This is the latest. I may do nothing else for the next few days but put vintage Victorian illustrations together with various cephalopod bodies, it's so much fun! Here Be Monsters is available in my Society6 shop. All the collages are posted on my Tumblr.

Tangled Up In Blue

Digital Collage: Tangled Up In Blue
I love collage. Both the finished product and the act of making it. I've always found the process of making a traditional collage to be very contemplative – paper, scissors, glue, moving the elements around the page to bring something together out of your imagination to life. It's also very satisfying to do something similar in the digital world, especially when working with vintage imagery – creating dreamlike images from ghosts of light.

Of the collages I've produced so far this month, this one is my favorite, hands down.

One Crazy Summer

Boom, Boom Boom
Summer has been kind of crazy busy, and I haven't been doing much of the kind of work that I usually share here. I've been riding my bike a lot, getting into better shape - 300 miles in June, 340 miles in July! So now you know where I've been for the last couple of months.

I've been doing all kinds of things on the creative front, though. It's just that for some reason, I've felt like compartmentalizing things more.

I've got an Instagram page now, where I've been sharing my seasonal photos and watercolored photos:

I've entered a few design contests over on 99 Designs. Mostly book covers, which I'd like do more:

And over on my Tumblr blog, I'm doing a collage-a-day project for the month of August:

Anyway, keeping busy, trying to make progress in every part of my life that needs it and working to build my skills further. Hope you're all having a great summer!