Monster Monster Magnets on Etsy

I finally got around to putting up Monster Monsters on Etsy! The small square magnets are sold in sets of four, the large round magnets are sold individually. I know it's way early to think about the holidays, but these would make for great stocking stuffers. And all of my magnets are hand-drawn, hand-colored, and unique.

Let Them Listen to Some Other Band

I can't imagine why Marie Antoinette is so often in my mind these days. *wink* I love that her 'do is adorned by an owl.

Inspired in part by the confluence of re-reading the archives of Questionable Content and Noelle's very awesome Broship of the Rings - hipster hobbits! I keep wondering what I can turn into hipsters...cavemen? Swordfish? Grizzled 1800s prospectors?