M is for Mustache

And P is for Picaresque Gent, which I found on Etsy last night. Etsy is so much fun!

I'll never grow a mustache (unless what they say about some Italian women is true) but a few of my gentlemen friends sport lovely mustaches and I'm an aficionado of well-groomed facial hair. Enter good old-fashioned mustache wax.

While it was the t-shirt that caught my eye, Brandon's hand-crafted mustache waxes sound delicious: original, coconut, and sandalwood vanilla, in both "regular" and "stiff". Tins of mustache wax make great little gifts, as well, and the holidays are not far away.

I've never met this particular craftsman, but when I spotted the M is for Mustache t-shirt, it made me want to share. Support a local craftsman.

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