Work In Progress: No Fear of Depths

Work in progress: No Fear Of Depths 
When I'm not obsessing over giving things wings, I am obsessing over mermaids. It's been, up to this very moment, a very private and quiet obsession, like many of the things I am truly obsessed with.

I think it began with my extreme and lifelong love of baths and bathtubs. I can spend, quite literally, hours in the bathtub. When I was a little kid, that tended to be limited by parental interference, especially after I discovered the bliss of reading in the bathtub. My parents grumbled about having a mermaid in the family. Now that I only have myself to grumble over the water and electric bill, I could spend just about forever in a tub. The great tragic fault in our current house is that there is no tub. I eyeball my friends' tubs, and they know it.

I'll write some more about this piece, its origins and inspirations, when it is done. Nothing is glued down yet and the writing is the roughest of drafts. It's going to be good, though. I have a good feeling about it.