Home From The Holidays

The View From Jerome
Over three thousand miles, through valleys and mountains and deserts, from clogs to sandals to fleece boots and back, through rain, warm sunshine and snow, we came, we saw, we enjoyed!

My better half and I went on an epic road trip to visit his family over the Thanksgiving holiday, in Phoenix and Salt Lake City. It completely felt like cheating to get a break from Oregon's torrential November rain, but I loved every moment of warm sunshine and sandal-wearing. The temperature in Phoenix in November is an awful lot like Oregon's in June or July.

One of the best little side-trips we made was to Jerome, Arizona. It's this tiny little mountainside town, a couple of hours north of Phoenix, with a rich western history.

A View OF Jerome
The views and history and mountain air were so incredible (not to mention the art galleries!), I pretty much forgot to pull out my camera, so all photographs are by our friend, the talented Kevin DeLuca.

Of Course, The Old Cathouse
No trip to Jerome would be complete without a visit to the House of Joy, a notorious house of ill fame. How much do I love that euphemism?!? The answer is, a lot. Also, I want a pair of stockings like the one on the sign.

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  1. glad that you are back in the NW again, and with all those lovely memories... I looked over at Sock Dreams, but they don't seem to have red/white stripey thigh highs... How 'bout red/black?