Favorite Things: Earth & Sky Colors

These are my favorite colors: brown, green, blue, white, black, gray.
This year, one of my goals is to make it through The Artist's Way. For a long time now, I've been struggling with my creativity, trying to work my way through creative block and to find my own voice as an artist. As I go through the process, I decided it would be good to sit down and list what I really like - the things that move me personally, and that feel like me. I wrote a list and I'm going to be exploring it here for the next few weeks.

The list, titled "Stuff I like", started when I was looking at my Etsy favorites last week and I realized that almost everything on the first page of my "likes" was either brown, green, or blue - with lots of black, white and gray as well. I thought about it for a bit, thought of my wardrobe, my favorite pottery, looked at the bits of art on my walls and realized "oh yeah, these are my favorite colors."

I set out to create a treasury based purely on my favorite colors, without fretting about whether or not the treasury would be popular or make the front page or anything like that. I love the result. It's kind of this road map of the heart of things that I like.

As a wise acquaintance said, it's not enough to like stuff, you have have to understand why you like it. I love these colors because they are the colors of earth and sky. I love nature and her colors: soft greens like moss and agate, earth browns, water blues, sky blues, especially transition time skies - sunrise and sunset. Clouds. Stones.

They are restful, comfortable colors, and I never feel the need to "live up to them" - they are undemanding colors, not like reds, oranges and yellows. Although those do have their place, which I will explore more next time.

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