Favorite Things: Transition Times

A Sunset in Seattle
When I was listing my favorite things the other day, I thought about my favorite times of the year and the day, and I realized that the times I like the best aesthetically are all transitions.

Utah Winter Sunset
My favorite time of day has always been the late afternoon/early evening, with dawn/early morning coming close behind. The sky is so beautiful with its many shades of blue, rose, and gold.

Sunset over the Willamette
Summer is absolutely my favorite time of year, for the sun and warmth and sweetness of the air. But spring and fall are both prettier, and I love to watch the colors of the changes. In spring, I love the visual relief of the explosion of color, leaf and bud after the long, gray winter.

Spring Flower
In fall, the trees turn to fireworks; a last hurrah before the grays of winter take over again. Winter is my least favorite time of year, however, I still look forward to fall's colors.

When Autumn Leaves Start To Fall
I think my most favorite colors will always be nature's more restful shades of blue and green, but I do love the warmth and glow of rose, orange, and gold.

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  1. I think spring is my favorite--all the plants are just bursting with life. A tree with blossoms, so beautiful.