A Giveaway from Making Handmade Books

I follow a wonderful blog, Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden. She is well-known in the world of handmade books and art. I have a few of her books and if you're wanting to teach yourself the art and craft of bookbinding, they are great resources.

 A few weeks ago, she did a Mystery Valentine giveaway, with collaged cards that she made back in 1995. I *love* a good mystery, and had the good fortune to be one of the lucky people to receive one. It arrived in a gorgeous hand-painted envelope.

Sealed with washi tape!

Inside the envelope was the mysterious package that intrigued me from Alisa's blog post.

Inside, I found this: a very pretty stitched and collaged valentine on thick blush paper. The paper is infused with a golden shimmer.  

I love the vintage-style metal cupid!

I almost never win anything, so I was incredibly pleased with my good luck this time. And next year, I'll be passing this on to a friend for Valentine's Day, with pleasure. 

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