Mixed Media Fall

Her Autumn Journey
As we (fingers AND toes crossed) move towards fall, I'm working mostly with digital collage. I love the flexibility of the medium – not to mention how forgiving it is! I can make mistakes without losing anything. Nothing is permanent. It makes me happy to share my work on my Tumblr and here.

How Raven Stole The Sun
A couple of weeks ago, I asked friends to inspire me to create digital collages by offering me a basic idea for a visual story, a single word, or a link to an image to work with. Working my way through the list actually gives me some structure, and that makes it easier to get going on new pieces.

Maid, Mare and Moon
I found myself with an interesting little mental hurdle. For a while, I was fretting, just a little, over what I thought the friends who made suggestions expected to see vs. what I wanted to create from the various ideas. Creating for someone else, vs. creating for myself/the sake of creation.

She Has Turned The Page
For example, this piece was sparked from the idea of "a secret forest grove deep inside an abandoned factory building." This is what I ended up doing with the idea. In the end, I decided that the ideas were meant to serve as springboards and that what I did with them was strictly up to me.


  1. I know that when I responded to your request for suggested collage ideas, I had no particular expectations of what you might use as images or what your design might look like... I found it interesting to let my brain come up with word groupings that might spark creative ideas, rather than specific concepts, and I simply sent you the first one that came to mind... I am really enjoying your collages and also seeing the common threads in your imagery, and how the collage technique shows a slightly different aspect of the Stacy than your drawings..

    1. Thanks! Your idea was one of my favorites, especially because it was one of the ones I tackled after I decided to really relax into the work. Using digital collage techniques allows me to create images that are fully dreamlike - real and unreal images mixed together to tell a story that will always exist somewhere between the mind of the viewer and the mind of the teller.