Pretty Felt!

Once winter term was finished and my school projects were safely out of the way, I had a burst of creative "ooh, must do hand crafts NOW!" energy. Much of that found its way into felt sculpture. This was one of the results. Its a little Russian doll, made from locally produced and dyed wool, hand-felted using a felting needle.

I learned how to felt about seven years ago from Ayala Talpai's wonderful book, The Felting Needle: From Factory to Fantasy. It's the most soothing of all crafts for me, the occasional stab in the finger notwithstanding, because it's so intuitive. I don't have to count, I don't have to follow a pattern, I can just sit and let the project take shape. Some pieces, like this one, surprise me with how cute they turn out to be. Others, well, they turn out to be learning experiences. Learning is good, right?

Even though I made her in the middle of the biggest snow storm that Portland has seen in decades, I loved the pale blue and purple for this piece instead of warm reds and greens. They just seemed to go with the snow and ice. I should have taken her outside and took a photo in the snow. I should take more pictures in general.

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