Why here. Why now.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to go into graphic design, and here I am with a year left in school. It feels like it's time to be a bit more public with my craft and design work. Time to get used to exposing (heh heh) my work to the public. Frankly, I expect that one day, future employers will be reading this. I'm good with that. It's important that you know what you're getting.

It's an odd old thing, being in school at a far later age than I ever expected. The average age of college students keeps going up, so maybe someday this will be more normal. As it is, I'm looking at receiving my (second) piece o' paper about twenty years after graduating from high school. Aieee. Hopefully this degree will be more lucrative than the first one in anthropology. I bitch about having wasted time, money, etc., all the time, but deep down I do love that "useless" degree.

In many ways, I'm still feeling out the possibilities that life has to offer. There's so much to explore and learn and try. Finding a new craft, a new design style, a new opportunity...all of these are a bit like falling in love: the rush, the enthusiasm, the temporary obsession. And with craft and design, it's ok to have more than one at a time. Thank goodness.

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