Blast From The Past

Work in Progress: You Can Take It With
I've been thinking a lot lately about the kid that I was in middle school. Looking back, I was fearlessly creative and completely unafraid to be myself, and therefore so un-self-aware as to be utterly clueless about anything social. I had almost no friends, but except for the constant teasing at school, and bullying, it almost didn't bother me. I had my creative outlets and my books, and that was pretty much enough.

In some ways, I think I was almost happier back then because I didn't have the kind of creative inhibitions that I do now. Self awareness has its price, and so does the desire for social acceptance. There are days when I am so worried about how someone will judge my work and me along with it, that I'm afraid to do/make anything. Considering how badly I want to make my living through my personal handiwork, this is a problem.

While thinking about these things, I decided to make a piece of art as if it were 1983, and all I had were scissors and glue and an old magazine. This is what I came up with. Nothing is glued down yet, because I'm still fiddling with placement and pondering new elements, but I'm not displeased with the effect I've created. I like the ghostly, Cheshire Cat-like effect of the eyes. We'll probably be seeing more of that in the future.

I don't have any answers to my problem yet, but at least I made something real.


  1. We all doubt ourselves, but I find that just the act of making something shuts up my inner critic. Good for you! And your creation is looking good!

  2. Yay you! Forward momentum is good! I struggle to generate and keep that as well, though my issues are different. I relly like the layers imagery

  3. I like where you are going with the "You can take it with you" piece. The eyes and mouth seem very expressive.

    Also seems like it would make an interesting start to an animation. You could probably express a range of emotion with subtle changes in the placement of the eyes and mouth. Maybe that is part of what I like about the piece as is. You can so easily imagine the pieces moving relative to each other.