Frida vs Frida

Chibi Frida vs Realistic Frida
I've been working on a vector illustration of Frida Kahlo and I'm not sure which direction I want to take. The more realistic version has its appeal, but the big-eyed, more caricatured version is a bit more what I was going for - taking the visuals that signify "Frida" and exaggerating them to make the finished product more my own.

Which version do you like better?


  1. I like the more realistic Frida, myself. Both are great, but Chibi Frida just doesn't do it for me.

  2. The mouth and the brows on the wide eyed one, but with the regular sized eyes from the option on the right. I hear her closet just opened, full of ethnic wear : )

    Heather D

  3. I think I agree with "Heather D"... I like both the images, but swapping the big eyes with the regular eyes looks more Frida-ish to me...

  4. I'm not sure about which I "like" better. They convey very different attitudes. If look back and forth from one to the other, you can almost imagine the conversation she is reacting to.