2014: Looking Ahead

With 2013 just about gone (and us hoping that it doesn't let the door hit it on the ass on the way out), I have some big goals for 2014.

At the end of 2014, I want to be able to look at myself and feel happy about my health. I want to look around the house and see things that I like, nicely arranged and organized. I want my house to feel like home, comfortable and attractive. I don't want to be as worried about finances as I am today.

Maybe most of all, I want to feel like my artwork is continuing to go in the right direction.

I'm making some personal resolutions: the usual ones, to lose some weight and be healthier, to declutter more and be better organized, to make more art. Backing them up, I've set some concrete goals and broken them down into steps and set up systems to keep track of progress on all my goals. 

For example, one step to make home more serene and organized is to discard 3500 things over the course of the year. That's about ten items a day. I'm going to keep monthly track of how many items have gone into the discard pile. 

My art and crafty goals are to make about 10% of my income for the year from art sales, to do a minimum of six sales or shows (I did three this year), to get to and maintain one hundred listings in my Etsy shop, to make one crafty item per week (if it's a big project, it can span a few weeks, but progress has to be made each week), and to do a minimum of one blog post each week.

I want to make a lot of art and to keep my inner artist happy and healthy. 

On the whole, life shows definite signs of being good now, and I am happy and excited for the year ahead.

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