Real Pretty Winter

It snowed! Where I grew up, it snowed all the time, but in the valley here, snow is rare. Probably for the best; no one actually knows how to drive in it. This morning, I decided to run errands early and get back home before the roads turned into a complete zoo. There were only about 2 inches on the ground when I left, and by noon (long after I very gratefully pulled into the driveway), there were at least four inches piled up...and it kept coming down!

My little collection of birdhouses out in the backyard were looking very alpine peeking out of the snow and reminded me of Heidi or something like that. 

It's probably going to stick around for a few days at least, since the weather forecast calls for low temperatures until Monday, at least. I'm going to be trying to balance out my love of the frozen white stuff with my tendency to get cabin fever at the drop of a hat...or a snowflake. I might walk over to the Eugene Holiday Market, since the artists and performers are planning on being there and I enjoy rewarding stubbornness, and of course, being stubborn myself.

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  1. I've been seeing the photos all round the internets of the snow in Eugene, and it looks most impressive... your little birdhouses are so charming with their snow caps... glad that you are enjoying it, and have fun at the Holiday Market... Hope it is not so bitter cold there as here, the wind chill here is something fierce