Dreams and Believing

It's been a crazy busy couple of months. I was in the Orycon art show again, I had a sale with friends last weekend, I did a new window for St. Johns Booksellers, and there's been the usual work for my design clients. Through it all, I had to fight the voices of self-doubt that I struggle with so often, but it's been getting easier to shout those buggers down. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm on the right track.

At Orycon, I sold a couple of original illustrations and a number of prints, doing better than I've ever done. All the work of Inktober really paid off. Recognize the trio? I airbrushed the background using the Copic ABS and a tree stencil, and then inked over the top:

The original sold at Orycon!

The Sinister Trio is currently available for purchase as an instant download over in my Etsy store, something new that they (and I) are trying out.

At the convention, I had the chance to show one of my sketchbooks to some artists who were very kindly offering some of their time to do sketchbook critiques. Among them was Rob Carlos, who said some really helpful and encouraging things, which I'll be remembering for a long time. I said that I felt like my art was missing something, I didn't really know how to describe it. He said, "You're an artist. You're always going to feel that way." 

Ok, having someone of that professional level call me an artist was so deeply affirming, it made me tear up a little. Still does, truth be told. The thing I've wanted most for a long time was to feel like I was moving in the right direction with my artwork. Between the sales I've had this year, the feedback they gave my sketchbook, and just feeling it in my hands and my heart, I absolutely feel like I'm getting there, wherever there turns out to be - even if there is just the next vista on the road. I'm finally starting to believe. 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Vandy introduced me to the glories of watercolor pencils. Now I've never really liked pencils as a medium, but after playing with hers for a bit, and finding what I could do with them in terms of color and texture, I am SO hooked. The wintry bird above was done with watercolor and water soluble ink pencils. I am in love with the texture and shading - the serendipity of them. And I've always loved the look of watercolors. I am so deeply excited at the possibilities here.

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  1. you are really on the path, and it gives me so much happiness to see how you are growing your artistry