Winter Wonderlaaaaaand

I know that for a lot of people, the recent snowstorm meant nothing but inconvenience and bother, but for me it had so many moments of beauty. I just wanted to go around with my camera all the time. I rode my bike in the snow almost every day. It is just about gone now, and the last couple of days have felt almost balmy by comparison. I'm still wearing layers and big fuzzy socks, though. 

Layers of cotton and hemp and fleece didn't really feel warm enough for a few days, so I pulled out my old wool Viking apron dress that I made for medieval reenactment. This is not a highly historically accurate garment, because I made it to wear for things like setting up camp, grubby weather, and so on. It is warm and comfortable, though, and I got compliments when I wore it out and about. I wore it with a long sleeved black t-shirt and yoga pants, and a thrifted knit shrug. Oh, and a fleece hat.

I've never worn it in modern context before and it worked really well. I'm going to make another version or two, only those will have pockets, which is the one thing it really lacks.

Wonderful things are happening locally, both in nature and in the community. One morning, Mr. B and went outside and we found that a bunch of spiders had gone nuts overnight. There were a lot of frost-kissed webs up and down our walkway that weren't there the day before.

One of our friends sings in Sorumundi, our local lesbian chorus. They were performing at the Holiday Market on Saturday, so I went over to listen for a bit and show some support. The market was totally crazy! I decided to leave after the little girl sitting on her daddy's shoulders almost kicked me in the face for the second time. 

They were really good, though. I'm going to go try to see them at another performance where the public isn't quite so rowdy. When people get together in big crowds, so many totally forget their manners where shorties like me are concerned, and I get tired of being blocked, elbowed, stepped on, and so on.


  1. Your pictures of winter are beautiful. I didn't know it was possible to ride a bike in the snow, and how excellent that your apron dress proved to be a good clothing option. I wonder if you could add pockets to it?

    I try my best to remember that just because snowy days are not a treat at all for me, that they are for many other folks...

    1. Honestly, I didn't know it was possible either, until I tried it! :D I was going to try the trick where you make "chains" for your bike tires with zip ties, but they interfered with the brakes. I found that I was fine on the firmly packed snow on the road and path, but on the softer bits, my back tire had a tendency to bog down and make me wobble. Basically, I took it slow and easy, and it went well. I had to put a foot down once when I skidded a bit, but since I was only going four or five MPH, it wasn't a problem. It was like biking inside a seashell.

      As for the apron dress pockets, just a few simple patch pockets on the front wouldn't be difficult, would they? I could hang a little pouch off the straps, but I like having places to put my hands.