Looking for Light

This time of year, the scant hours of daylight start to get to me. It's not that I don't love the beauty of winter twilight, or enjoy the coziness of the season, because I do, but here we are, in the darkest days of the year, and nothing makes me feel better than days like yesterday when there were a few hours of sunshine and I could get out on my bike and ride for a while in the crisp air and abundant light. I am essentially a creature of sunlight.

I find myself creating illustrations that evoke light in the darkness. They make a light in my inner darkness as I continue to mourn the loss of my aunt. She loved light at Christmastime, too. Her Christmas village was a thing of legend. Someday, when we have room (and space where the cats won't find it a temptation), I'm going to have my own village set up, with twinkling lights and tiny trees.

I shudder to think of what Tobycat, who looks so innocent here, would do to a tiny village if he had the chance. My sweet silly ginger boy! I do love him. Even if he IS the reason we can't have nice things.

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  1. when I read about the idea of a Christmas village, what immediately came to mind was some sort of big shadowbox, like a lawyers bookcase with the glass fronted shelves, so you could enjoy the beauty safe from the depredations of feline paws... I know that you and Mr B find all sorts of amazing things in your sale-ing journeys, so maybe something will turn up to allow suchlike... or you could always put doors on one of your already bookshelves...